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All Glo-Ice® pieces share a distinctive look to enhance any buffet presentation: Clear, sparkling acrylic trays that accentuate food and beverages being served; illuminated light boxes that securely hold the tray and add an elegant flair to ice carvings; and fluted bowls and trays—both single and tiered units—that can be used in ways limited only by your imagination and creativity.

Glo-Ice® pieces are a wise investment and an excellent value. All can offer years of service with reasonable care. Importantly, all items are designed with versatility and durability in mind and Glo Ice® light boxes are contructed with safety and durability in mind.

It’s easy for you to assemble the Glo-Ice® presentation that best fits your buffet presentations. Start with the appropriate sizes of trays and light boxes you need and complement those trays and light boxes with an assortment of fluted bowls and trays—both single and tiered.

The large Glo-Ice® inventory we maintain enables us to offer same-day shipment upon receipt of an order.